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SPBTLE-RF USB evaluation board (BlueNRG-MS STEVAL-IDB006V1)

Question asked by babak.volodymyr on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2016 by cod

Hello everybody,

I'd like upload and test an app on this board stm32l controller called BlueNRG-MS Beacon demonstration application supported by this evaluation board. So far I was not able to do this neither by following documentation nor by reading forums.
According to UM1870 user manual page 7 "EWARM Compiler 7.40.3 or later is required for building the BlueNRG_DK_x.x.x demonstration applications." However EWARM compiler is a third party tool and not available on website, not a freeware too, so I'm not planning to buy it just to test this app. I did install a program BlueNRG DK- from website, but it only installed a number of folders I was not able to use anywhere. UM1870 manual on page 20 insist that pushing button SW1 will upload DFU app firmware over BlueNRG GUI , however no such GUI exists in the folders installed. I also installed STM32CumeMX program from website, however it does not have this eval board in its' list of boards.

Could you provide a way to upload and run any demonstration application on this evaluation board with tools or programs from website, or at least not required additionally purchased software?

Also tried to create a support request on, it keeps complaining that some error exist in the form and does not send my request. Is it a way to actually get a technical support from

Thank you,