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Host USB application on discovery L4

Question asked by mutti.andrea on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2016 by mutti.andrea
Good afternoon,
I am developing an application on the L4 discovery to log data on an USB, using FATFs and based on the example project from the STM32F4 library.
The initialization seems to go smoothly but when I call f_mount() a function inside it called find_volume() gives back the reply FR_NO_FILESYSTEM.
Has someone succeded in what I'm trying to do? 

#UPDATE: I checked and the returned value is issued by this line:

     if (LD_WORD(fs->win.d8 + BPB_BytsPerSec) != SS(fs))     /* (BPB_BytsPerSec must be equal to the physical sector size) */
          return FR_NO_FILESYSTEM;

what does it means?