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About LSM330 Register Problem

Question asked by zhou.wancheng on Feb 26, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by Gursoy.Ali_Ergin
Currently, I am now using LSM330, the only reference driver I found is official Linux-OS driver. Since there's no programming guides, I search website for source code for reference, only to find that all source code I found have a different register definition.

For instance, in a project in github, among the initialization code block, the author wrote the code below:

    // Check the datasheet (p29)

    // Normal (1.344 kHz) / low-power mode (5.376 kHz) data rate
    // Normal mode selected (default)
    // x,y,z axis enabled (default)

    // High-pass filter mode selection : Normal mode (reset reading HP_RESET_FILTER) (default)
    // High-pass filter cutoff frequency selection
    // Filtered data selection : internal filter bypassed (default)
    // High-pass filter enabled for CLICK function : filter bypassed
    // High-pass filter enabled for AOI function on interrupt 2 : filter bypassed
    // High-pass filter enabled for AOI function on interrupt 1 : filter bypassed
With the definition below:

    LSM330 Registers for gyro and accelerometer
#define WHO_AM_I 0x0F
#define CTRL_REG1 0x20
#define CTRL_REG2 0x21
#define CTRL_REG3 0x22
#define CTRL_REG4 0x23
#define CTRL_REG5 0x24
#define CTRL_REG6 0x25
#define REFERENCE_A 0x26
#define REFERENCE 0x25
#define OUT_TEMP 0x26
#define STATUS_REG 0x27
#define OUT_X_L 0x28
#define OUT_X_H 0x29
#define OUT_Y_L 0x2A
#define OUT_Y_H 0x2B
#define OUT_Z_L 0x2C
#define OUT_Z_H 0x2D
#define FIFO_CTRL_REG 0x2E
#define FIFO_SRC_REG 0x2F
#define INT1_CFG 0x30
#define INT1_SRC 0x31
#define INT1_TSH_XH 0x32
#define INT1_TSH_XL 0x33
#define INT1_TSH_YH 0x34
#define INT1_TSH_YL 0x35
#define INT1_TSH_ZH 0x36
#define INT1_TSH_ZL 0x37
#define INT1_DURATION 0x38

However, in LSM330 official datasheet, the accelerate motion sensor has no CTRL_REG1, and from the content, we can see that the author disable HPF for ACCEL, where's ACCEL-HPF??? Only gyroscope has two LPF and one HPF.

Anyone please help me understand this? Thanks very much.