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Windows CDC Driver issue

Question asked by yvan.poulain on Sep 2, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2017 by kaltofen.jupp


 I want to use the USB High Speed with the class CDC in device mode. 

I am using the STM32F746G-DISCO board.


I have created a project with STM32CubeMX , here there is the configuration : 


MiddleWare : USB DEVICE -> Classs for HS IP is set to CDC.

Peripherals : 

RCC HSE and LSE are set to Resonator.

SYS : debug in wire mode.


Ext Phy : Device Only.


I build the project with kiel.

And I have started it.

Application is running, I have a toggle led running 


Windows 7 recognizes the USB : STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port appears in the device  manager , BUT I have a warning in the icon. : This peripheral can'be started : Code 10.


Driver installed : VCP_V1.4.0_Setup.exe


Unfortunatey, there is no example in the STM32Cube_FW_F7_V1.4.0\Projects\STM32746G-Discovery\Applications\USB_Device

for the class CDC Standalone.

Can you help me please.

I have attached 2 files : 

CDC_Windows.png : It's a screen shot of the issue in the device manager.
CDC_Device.ioc : is the file configuration for the STM32CubeMx.