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Question asked by bassett.david_c on Sep 1, 2016
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We bought 10 of these boards and want to run USB host and log screen outputs through UART6 to Hyperterminal. When we run the USB host example, things work fine. When we run UART_com_IT standalone, things work fine. When we combine these, everything works exactly the same until we are in stm32f7xx_hal_uart.c, UART_SetConfig and line

 tmpreg = (uint32_t)huart->Init.WordLength | huart->Init.Parity | huart->Init.Mode | huart->Init.OverSampling ;
  When stepping through the assmebly code of this, everything is exact until the

STR R3, [R0] instruction, which is supposed to put 0x0c into address 40011400 to set CR1.

In the standalone case, this register is set and everything works in Hyperterminal. Yet in the combined case, nothing gets written when this instruction is written even though R3 has 0x0c in it, and R0 has the right address in it. Is this a bug in the processor, or is there something I might be setting up wrong?

Thanks in advance for any comments

Dave Bassett