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Difference between STM32F429i-DISCO & STM32F429i-DISC1

Question asked by Daemy on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by Clive One
Hi y'all

does any one know the difference between STM32F429i-DISCO & STM32F429i-DISC1 that may be causing the issue I have & how to get around it ?

basically I've been using a STM32F429i-DISCO to build a demo unit for a client. (STM32F429i-DISCO, patched into an 800x480 LCD & some IO)
software developed using MDK-ARM
Demo unit works fine,.. just plug 5V in, via the ST-Link USB & off it goes.

now trying to build a 2nd demo unit,.. 
board supplied is STM32F429i-DISC1
plugged into PC / MDK-ARM downloads firmware & runs OK (same as 1st one), but when I just plug it intop 5V supply, it does nothing!
Power LED (LD2) lights, LD1 flashes red, but nothing else happens.

I reckon it's something to do with the ST-Link circuit holding the STM32F429 in reset if no USB is conected, as if I plug it into a differnt PC, it does nothing, until the PC starts to load the USB drivers.

any thoughts on how I can get around this would be welcome.
(I still need to be able to update via the ST-Link, but cannot have the demo unit plugged into a live USB port, just a PSU)

Thanks in advance