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HAL_PCD_EP_Transmit work only once

Question asked by none.Thomas on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by none.Thomas
I'm developing a USB composite device with the Nucleo-F446ZE.
I'm adding a Virtual com port and I have some trouble to send back data.
I receive everything from the computer but when I try to send back something it work only once. Then the EP->xfer_count is still at zero and HAL status is always 0.

HAL_PCDEx_SetRxFiFo(&hpcd, 0x40);
HAL_PCDEx_SetTxFiFo(&hpcd, 0, 0x20);
HAL_PCDEx_SetTxFiFo(&hpcd, 1, 0x20);
HAL_PCDEx_SetTxFiFo(&hpcd, 2, 0x10);
HAL_PCDEx_SetTxFiFo(&hpcd, 3, 0x20);
HAL_PCDEx_SetTxFiFo(&hpcd, 4, 0x10);
HAL_PCDEx_SetTxFiFo(&hpcd, 5, 0x20);
             CDC_IN_EP, //0x85
             CDC_DATA_FS_MAX_PACKET_SIZE); //64
             CDC_OUT_EP, //0x03
             CDC_DATA_FS_MAX_PACKET_SIZE); //64
//The receive/send back function
dataLen = USBD_GetRxCount (pdev, epnum);
Hstatus = HAL_PCD_EP_Transmit(pdev->pData, CDC_IN_EP, VCP_recv, dataLen);
HAL_PCD_EP_Receive (pdev->pData,