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Using DMA in Circular mode does not update the data array

Question asked by SerFabio89 on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by Clive One
Hi guys,
I'm working on STM32F746-Discovery and I'm trying to read through DMA the digital microphone. I would like to save in a circular buffer the readed data, so that I can process it using DSP.

The code is pretty simple and I started from the Audio Record and Playback application provided by ST.

Firstly I define the buffer array of size 4096
uint16_t audioBuffer[AUDIO_BUFFER_SIZE];

Then inside the "main function" I start the recording process
BSP_AUDIO_IN_Record(&audioBuffer[0], AUDIO_BUFFER_SIZE);

Then I'm just checking the array everytime the DMA transfer finish callback is called
void BSP_AUDIO_IN_TransferComplete_CallBack(void)
    uint32_t index;
        printf("%d ", audioBuffer[index]);

I obtain the same sequence outputted every half second more or less (maybe a quarter of second). Why the array is not updated? The rest of the code is exactly the same from the demo application.

Thanks in advance