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DMA to PWM triggered by timer

Question asked by s.vinod on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by s.vinod
    Using cubeMX I have implemented a timer triggered (42KHz T2 TIM_TRGO_UPDATE )circular DMA transfer from ADC channel 1 to  memory buffer. I am trying to do some audio processing in real time. Also I am driving a class D amplifier circuitry made using two N channel mosfets and IR2110 gate driver. So instead of using the DAC I am using the PWM CH1 - CH1N combination with a decent dead time etc.

Now my concern is, I need to use DMA to transfer the processed HALF buffer (received from ADC DMA half complete interrupt) to PWM with a timer triggered mechanism so that I will get enough time for the complex audio processing math to perform.

But I am unable to get any clue from the cubeMX for doing a timer triggered MEMORY to PERIPHERAL transfer.

Any clue ? :)