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Moving on from blinky, how?

Question asked by Stehelin.Etenne on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by AvaTar
Hi my name is Etienne, I am new to microcontrollers and I'm still banging my head against the wall.  

I would like to run a simple USART printf function to get things going.  

To keep it short,  Ive got a Nucleo F103, Keil uVision5, using the 'pack installer' to load up a blinky program works fine,  but as soon as I try to use some of the library functions like
USART_StructInit();,  i get:
warning: implicit declaration invalid in C99,
then I go into RTE manager, add and resolve USART StdPeriph Drivers,
now USART_StructInit(); has too few arguments,  and USARTInit() is undefined.   

Is there any resource which explains how to use Peripheral Library functions, step by step?
I am having such a hard time finding code examples that work!

...spent a few hours trying to get the MCBSTM discovery examples to run, to no avail.  
...spent another few hours trying to step-by-step with the data sheet, still no luck.