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C90FL (beta) flash program fails - help!

Question asked by c.d.002 on Jun 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by Erwan Y
C90FL program fails due to alignment error but all parameters check out?

Parameter details before call:

dest       size       source     result = C90FL_ERROR_ALIGNMENT
0x00008000 0x00000100 0x40005300 0x00000100
0x00008100 0x00000100 0x40005300 0x00000100

From UM1627, p.15, table 18, Troubleshooting for FlashProgram()

This error indicates that dest/size/source isn’t properly aligned
Check if dest and size are aligned on double word (64-bit) boundary. Check if source is aligned on word boundary.

Ok my checks,
0x8000 & 8 = 0 so aligned to 64bit/double word boundary
0x100 & 8 = 0 so aligned to 64bit/double word boundary
0x40005300 & 8=0 or 0x40005300 & 4=0 source is aligned to 32bit and 64bit brounary

What else should be check?

Blank check and then erase before hand worked so the flash is ready for programming.

Here is the VLE?? code I have been using for program from C90FL library, beta.

My development device is spc560b64l7.

const unsigned long FlashProgram_C[] = 
      0x0080D101, 0x18210690, 0x1A61093C, 0x7C000026, 0xDE01013F
    , 0x014D015B, 0x026F027E, 0x488A4809, 0xC0EF7FB5, 0xDB78329F
    , 0x00207E75, 0xA3967E93, 0xA1D67E94, 0xA8501874, 0xA8007A0E
    , 0x001076F4, 0x07BF1874, 0xA8007A1E, 0x000A6379, 0x7800028E
    , 0x529F000C, 0x52BF0010, 0x7E94AA14, 0x5681001C, 0x529F0004
    , 0x52BF0008, 0x7E94AA14, 0x56810018, 0x7F9DDA14, 0x529F000C
    , 0x7D9DA040, 0x7A1C0032, 0x5281001C, 0x7D9DA040, 0x7A0C0026
    , 0x529F0010, 0x7D9BA040, 0x7A1D001A, 0x5281001C, 0x7D9CA040
    , 0x7A1D000E, 0x72600001, 0x36610010, 0xE821529F, 0x00047D9D
    , 0xA0407A1C, 0x00325281, 0x00187D9D, 0xA0407A0C, 0x0026529F
    , 0x00087D9B, 0xA0407A1D, 0x001A5281, 0x00187D9C, 0xA0407A1D
    , 0x000E7260, 0x00023661, 0x0010E804, 0x63697800, 0x01F0187B
    , 0xA8007A1E, 0x01E8529E, 0x00005681, 0x00205281, 0x00201A94
    , 0xC8161874, 0xA8007A1E, 0x000C7320, 0x03007800, 0x01C8529E
    , 0x00001A94, 0xD0107694, 0x049F569E, 0x0000329F, 0x002018F4
    , 0xA8207A0E, 0x000E777C, 0xD97F4A0A, 0x4888E821, 0x329F0020
    , 0x18F4A810, 0x7A0E000E, 0x777CE13F, 0x490A4888, 0xE816329F
    , 0x002018F4, 0xA8087A0E, 0x000E777C, 0xE8FF488A, 0x4888E80B
    , 0x329F0020, 0x18F4A804, 0x7A0E000C, 0x777CF0BF, 0x484A4848
    , 0x72600001, 0x56610024, 0xE86118FA, 0xA8047A0D, 0x001652B7
    , 0x00005297, 0x0004569D, 0x000456BD, 0x0000E805, 0x52970000
    , 0x569D0000, 0x048D7EF7, 0xC2147E9D, 0xD3967E94, 0xD1D67E94
    , 0xE8501874, 0xA8007A1E, 0x00105281, 0x00247D94, 0xE0407A0E
    , 0x0070529E, 0x00001A94, 0xD0017694, 0x049F569E, 0x0000E80C
    , 0x727F7FFF, 0x7D969840, 0x7A1E000E, 0x7ECCB378, 0x7D8903A6
    , 0x0007529E, 0x00007694, 0x056B1874, 0xA8007A1E, 0xFFDE529E
    , 0x00007694, 0x05AD1874, 0xA8007A0E, 0x0018527E, 0x00007673
    , 0x003D7673, 0x049F567E, 0x00006359, 0xE815529E, 0x00007694
    , 0x003D7694, 0x049F569E, 0x00005281, 0x00241E94, 0x00015681
    , 0x00245281, 0x00247D94, 0xE0407A0D, 0xFF38527E, 0x00007673
    , 0x07357673, 0x049F567E, 0x0000527F, 0x000070F3, 0x940818F3
    , 0xA9C07A1E, 0x00307278, 0xE3F95273, 0x801C5661, 0x00147278
    , 0xE3F95273, 0x801C7674, 0x003D7278, 0xE3F95693, 0x801C5261
    , 0x00147298, 0xE3F95674, 0x801C527F, 0x000070F3, 0x940818F3
    , 0xA9C07A0E, 0x00307278, 0xE3F95273, 0x80205661, 0x00147278
    , 0xE3F95273, 0x80207674, 0x003D7278, 0xE3F95693, 0x80205261
    , 0x00147298, 0xE3F95674, 0x8020527F, 0x00241873, 0xA8007A1E
    , 0x00060002, 0x01935181, 0x00387D8F, 0xF1201A61, 0x083CC011
    , 0xC1010090, 0x00040000
    , 0x30393530, 0x34464646
}; /* Total Size = 194 words */