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ADC Noise / Jitter Problem STM32F4

Question asked by Palaima.Emmett on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by baird.hal.001
I am using ADC's on the STM32F4 discovery board to read control values for my program from potentiometers and I am having problems where these inputs are very noisy, and cause my control values to modulate quite noticeably. 

I sending DC to the ADC from the middle leg of a pot, the other two legs being connected to the board's 3.3v out and to ground respectively. I also have added some capacitors from the middle leg to ground, which seemed to help a little bit, but not much. I am using an oscilloscope and it seems that the noise is being caused by the ADC itself, since whenever I disconnect the middle pin from the ADC the noise drops considerably.

Can anybody suggest a solution to this issue? I am trying to use the STM32F4 for audio purposes and the noise is considerably lowering the quality of the audio coming out.