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Stm32F4 Discivery issue to play on boards DAC

Question asked by fourneron.jean_marc on Jul 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2016 by fourneron.jean_marc

I'm new to Stm32 programming, but I try hard. I'm at the bottom of the earning curve and I block since 2 days on the an issue issue. Help would be very much welcomed.  I attach my project:

This is an openStm32 project. I did not included the driver and HAL files from Stm32cubeF4

It is intended to run on a Stm32F4 Discovery . It is a attempt to mix the application proposed with and the one from Stm32cubeF4  example Audio_playback_and_record (for that board)., in Stm32cubeF4: read the table (PCM) in Fragment1.h and play it on the board DAC, using the libraries from Driver/BSP: stm32f4_discovery_audio

To make it simple, as a first trial, all the code is in main.c and stm32f4xx_it.c (and associated .h when needed)

I succeed to intialize the audio output and start the play function. The buffer callbacks are periodically actuated, but I have only strange noise in the earspeakers connected to the DAC. Would you have an idea why I don't get "structured sound" ?

And I have no idea about how to debug that...

I will be on leave for coming days with limited assess to my internet, but will try to browse the forum from time to time.

Best regards and thanks a lot to anybody that could help.