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STM32439I-EVAL: Using a memory daughterboard without interference from the SDRAM

Question asked by boztalay on Jul 7, 2016

I need to use the CN11 and CN12 connectors to use the FMC Bank 1 interface with an external memory board. Looking at the manual and schematic, it doesn't look like there's a way to disable the chip select on the eval board's SDRAM (which shares all of those connections on CN11 and CN12), which I need to do to use those connectors without also interacting with the eval board's SDRAM.

Do you have any recommendations? Is there another chip select line I can use with FMC Bank 1 that doesn't connect to the on-board SDRAM?

I saw a note about SB8 in the manual, but that doesn't seem to disconnect the microcontroller from the SDRAM's chip select line.