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STM32L476 discovery usb and example applications

Question asked by krestan.michal.001 on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by Stanislav
I just got on my talbe STM32L476 discovery board, but I can not find anywhere any link to download sample applications or some sample code. It looks like there is no such link on ST website. I also downloaded ST CubeMX but I can not find any examples there as well. I jus need some sample code (preferably some IAR project) with functional USB OTG device. I've my own board, where is my whole application already almost done, but I can not make USB to work at all so I decided to try STM32 discovery, but there is no example application for it. Alternatively is there any easy way how to port mass storage device from STM32L1 to STM32L476? The registers in L476 are completely different. I also tried to generate project from ST CubeMX, but the generated code is not working on a discovery board, in general cube generates more bugs than a useful piece of code.