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Problem with UART interrupt STM32L031

Question asked by ENEDIS.ibrahim on Jul 1, 2016
Hello xD,

I have problem beacuse my stm32L031 is detect the 9200 baude and 1200 baude but after i do not get anything until I have to remain a card and soon several times to reset the card.

In Part I initalisation initializes the GPIO's after the timer and I trigger the interruption of Timer and when my timer after receiving Detect speed baude 1200 or 9600 baude I initialized the UART and trigger the interruption of the reception. But I do not get anything up to reset the STM32L0 card once or several times and if I want to change and other data with different speed I also have to reset or more reset. I do not know if it is a receive interrupt problem because at the beginning I get weird characters to do a reset. before the speed detection that automatically walk. Thanks 

I thought to stop all tasks, disable the timer and set my UART and after starting with the reception or to reset software.

Thanks you.