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Getting Started with my STM32F3Discovery, need help I am stuck

Question asked by reina.justin on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by FTITI.Walid
 I am looking to fully ramp into the STM32 series for work and have no experience in ST yet. I purchased -
  • (1) STM32F3Discovery (STM32F303)
  • (1) ST-LINK/V2
My sole goal is to get code generated, compiled and deployed to an STMicro32 product, get my feet wet to prep for later uses in product.
After my research it appears that the only way to JTAG is through manual dang wire-by-wire connection, from the ST-LINK's STM32 port to the Discovery platform - yikes!!! My sole goal here was to get my feet wet and not much further for the moment. Wire-by-wire, that is WAY more than dipping your toes in, yikes!!
Question/Request/Plea: How do I correctly dip my feet in, get an STMicro32 platform and deploy code to it, then debugging and stepping the code one instruction at a time? With a pre-packaged solution, cables and plugs, no wire-by-wire :(!!
If this is not possible and wire-by-wire is required, ok fine. But - ewwww / yikes :(

Thanks :)