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how to change CubeMX source files

Question asked by Mr_M_from_G on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by Mr_M_from_G
I created a small program with CubeMX to test STs USB device stack. My compiler (GCC) gave me a page full of warnings because of this declaration:
void USBD_GetString (uint8_t *desc, uint8_t *unicode, uint16_t *len);
When called a string is passed to desc, so its type is char* which causes a warning:
 warning: pointer targets in passing argument 1 of 'USBD_GetString' differ in signedness [-Wpointer-sign]
If I change desc to char* it's fine
Now I want a solution that will keep this change when I create a new version via CubeMX, that means change the source file that CubeMX copies to my program. Where are these source files located on my computer? Any ideas?