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ST Smart watch

Question asked by bullen.osmond on Dec 12, 2014
GlobalhealthUSA a Disease management and healthcare analytics company is having a problem finding an ST product we need for a proof of concept demo for ONC. The product of interest is a smart watch described by ST as: 

Wearable solutions

  • The wearable device market has seen rapid growth in recent years. At TECHNO-FRONTIER 2014, ST will demonstrate its wearable-device platform that places multiple sensors (a motion sensor, a barometric pressure sensor, a temperature and humidity sensor, a proximity sensor, and a MEMS microphone) around an ARM®Cortex®-M-based 32-bit microcontroller, leveraging ST's advanced technologies and expertise in signal processing and data detection.
  • In addition, ST will demonstrate a wristwatch-style optical heart-rate monitor solution for smart watches and fitness devices. This solution uses an ultra-low power 32-bit microcontroller, an acceleration sensor, a Bluetooth communication IC, and a number of other ST products designed for wearable devices. The demonstration is a wrist-facing LED on the backside of the wearable device that flashes and uses a photodiode and microcontroller to measure light reflected from the wearer’s flowing blood to determine heart rate. The heart-rate data is then sent via the communication IC for display on a laptop PC or a smartphone.
Who do we contact to get a sample watch? we need to add a blood pressure optical sensor to the watch can anyone provide a part# for a BP optical sensor? This research is done in conjunction with a University how can GlobalhealthUSA and the University become or obtain a University partnership agreement similar to those offered in Italy? need a response. Thanks in advance.