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After soldering jumpers for 4 ext. mic I can not program/see the board on my PC

Question asked by negoita.adrian on Jun 18, 2016
Hello all,

I just followed the official documentation to enable 4 microphones and I can not see the nucleo board any more on my PC. Can you please advise? Did anybody have the same problem?

I'm using the following kit:

Table 3. Solder bridge configuration for four microphones
SB Status
SB7 Close
SB8 Close
SB9 Open
SB10 Close
SB11 Close
SB12 Open
SB13 Close
SB14 Open
SB15 Close
SB16 Open
SB17 Open
SB18 Open
SB19 Open
SB20 Open
SB21 Open