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[STM32F4 Discovery] Custom HID USB Tranfer Data Proplem

Question asked by thiep.xuan on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2016 by bhagat.chandan_kumar
Hello everyone. Currently I am using STM32F4 board Discovery. I have a small project that is implementing the adc ADC and transmits the value to the PC via USB full speed. I knew I should use Custom HID class. I had a look at 2 videos on youtube tutorial and follow them. My problem is that after programming the board. I connect with pc board through CN5 (micro USB connecter). I do not see the light signal lights. I check schemantic diagram, and I connect to 5V PA9 leg, then lights. (LD7). But on my PC does not recognize the USB board. Would that I had been wrong anywhere. Do I have to install a driver for custom hid usb. Thank you for watching, please excuse my english is not good. This is a picture capture my pc error (attach file).This isTuttorial I have Seen