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CubeMX examples are not examples

Question asked by bauch.aaron.001 on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by Clive One
The examples in the CubeMX repository do not use CubeMX to generate init code.  This means that they may be a little useful for showing examples of on-chip and on-board peripherals working, but give little assistance in creating projects based on complex peripherals using CibeMX.  By way of example, with the F746 Discovery board, there are examples and Application reference code to use the on-board LCD, SDRAM, QSPI etc.  The example projects initialize and run these peripherals and show that the hardware can be initialized and does work.  However none of these use startup code from CubeMX.  In fact the FMC memory controller code generated by CubeMX does not seem to work to talk to the on-board SDRAM chip.  And trying to translate from the example code which uses init mechanisms nothing like those used by CubeMX makes it very difficult to determine what the Cube implementation is doing wrong.

By making these into actual CubeMX based examples it would serve two important purposes.  First it would provide REAL start points for users of ST products and CubeMX to create projects.  Second it would serve to debug the CubeMX functions themselves so that the users don't have to debug the tools for ST.

PLEASE change ALL of the example projects so that they contain a CubeMX .ioc file that initializes the peripherals used, and provide additional example code to run and use the on-board peripherals thus initialized.