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CubeMX and CubeMX Example programs

Question asked by bauch.aaron.001 on May 8, 2016
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by FTITI.Walid
It is far from intuitive how to re-create the functionality of the CubeMX example or Application example programs using CubeMX. So why are they part of the CubeMX repository environment.  For example, I am currently trying to integrate an application based on the F746 Discovery board using the LCD display.  I am able to easily compile and run the "Hello World" STemWin Application example. However, if I try to initialize the board and project starting from a CubeMX framework, it is far from clear what stuff needs to be added manually or otherwise to integrate the BSP support, STemWin ligraries, etc. I give this as an example however this is true for ANY of the CubeMX example programs that use BSP files and other supporting configured example code.  Has ST or anyone else solved this and shared their results?  And how are these "CubeMX" examples by any definition?