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STSpeakerTune for automatic loudspeaker compensation

Question asked by veneri.marco Employee on Nov 25, 2014

As the STSpeakerTune technology is now freely available in the latest APWorkbench v2.1.0 here's a quick step-through list to assess the feature:

  1. Run APWorkbench (download it from and install it)
  3. Select the "Sound Terminal Amplifiers" section in the Launch Wizard dialog
  5. Select a digital amplifier with IIR processing capabilities, such as STA311B or STA369BWS
  7. Go to the "Equalizer Editor" page and open the "speaker response" browsing dialog (use the "..." button located in the "SpeakerTune options" group of controls.
  9. Browse to the location where the sample frequency response file is located, typically: C:\Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\APWorkbench\Documents
  11. Load the frequency response file, it will appear on the Equalizer window
  13. Open the STSpeakerTune panel (either pressing 'F5' or with the "Panels/SpeakerTune" menu item.
  15. Run the STSpeakerTune automatic optimizer by pressing the "Tune Response" button.

At the end of this process the IIR filters will have been automatically programmed and tuned in order to achieve the flattest frequency response as possible. Then it's still possible to manually move the PEQ anchors in order to 'color' the frequency response according to the user's preferences.

Enjoy the STSpeakerTune feature.