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.NET Micro Framework on the STM32F429 Discovery kit

Question asked by mohammadjavad on May 6, 2016
Latest reply on May 7, 2016 by Clive One
I wanna use the .NET Micro Framework  on STM32F429 discovery board. The STM32F429I_Discovery_NETMF_Package\NETMF_Binary_Image contains the NETMF binary image which consists of three hex files that should be loaded using STLINK Utility into the STM32F429 Discovery board. now I have 2 questions:
1- which .hex file should I program on st?
2- when I try to program each one by "ST Visual Programmer", after I load .hex file, it give me an error:
Error : FILE : line 1: Not in Intel Hex format!
Error : < File loading failed.

I am pleased if any one help me.