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STEVAL-MKI126V3 / MKI138V1 Number of channels recognized by PC

Question asked by meriot.benoit on May 26, 2016
Hello everyone,
I'm using the MEMS eval board STEVAl MKI 126V3 with four additional MP34DT01 microphone. I connect these cards to  my PC via USB using MKI138V1.

My problem is that my PC recognize the USb audio device as a stera device, and not a 6 channell device. I'm able to see the real time signal of the 6 microphones in APworbench software. But since my PC considers only two channels, i can't records all the signals simultaneously using a mutlichannel recording software such as Audacity.

Is there a driver or something i need to install to get my PC to considers all the channels ?

My guess is that when i plug in the usb card, it's first in PDM Capture mode, using the two channels of MKI138V1. Then I use APworkbench to switch to I2S IN mode.

Has osmeone already met and solved this issu ?