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HAL_GetTick() crash mcu

Question asked by none.Thomas on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2016 by none.Thomas

I created a simple project using STCubeMX for my nucleo-f446ZE(STM32F446ZET6).

The project should be a USB device HID but it fail to start. After messing around with the debugger, I discovered that the MCU PC register go to 0x00000000 or 0xFFFFFFFF or sometimes random invalid value.

I didn't modify any code. I compiled the code with MDK-ARM (modified GCC, Vision IDE), and with GCC (openSTM32) and the same thing happen.

Callstack :

  • Main
  • SystemClock_Config
  • HAL_RCC_ClockConfig (632)
  • Hal_GetTick

Ps: RAM got corrupted after 0x080149A and that why the program do weird stuff Image 1VVLb.png