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Lsm9ds0 interrupt delay issue

Question asked by cv.sijil on Jul 6, 2015
I am using Lsm9ds0 device connected to imx6 processor via i2c with following configuration.

Set Gyro ORD to 95hz.
Set Watermark level to 30
Set to Stream mode

register configuration
{CTRL_REG3_G, 0x04},    
{CTRL_REG4_G, 0x20},    
{CTRL_REG5_G, 0x40},    
{CTRL_REG1_G, 0x0F},    

I would expect a water mark interrupt at an interval of every 316ms(1/95*30). but I could see interrupt at an interval of every 340ms
Could you please help me to identify the delay in interrupt. The same behavior is observed in the case of accelerometer and magnetometer. Inside ISR the entire FIFO data is read in burst mode based on the FIFO status register.