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STM3220G-EVAL - FatFS with uSD

Question asked by auge.mathias on Apr 22, 2016
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to create FAT format files and write them to a uSD card.
I built STM32CubeF2 Projects FatFs_uSD and FatFs_uSD_RTOS.
I built them with CrossWorks for ARM as IDE using GCC compiler.

I have no issue with the RTOS project, but with the project without RTOS, the program can't go through the fopen function.
The function returns FR_DISK_ERR.
When I go further, in the find_volume function, this condition is not complete :
if (fs->fs_type)
wich seems to mean the file system object is invalid.

I don't understand why this doesn't happen with FreeRTOS but happens without.
Same functions of FatFS library are called in both projects, both use HAL drivers but I don't have the same results.

Maybe someone can help with this issue please.