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STM32f429I crashes when activating TIM8

Question asked by smrtkai on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by smrtkai

I am using a STM32F429I discovery board and I would like to use the TIM8 with external clock source to trigger ADC conversions. Unfortunately, when I activate and configure TIM8 in STM32CubeMX my application crashes completely (e.g. other timers do not output anything anymore). If I comment out "MX_TIM8_Init();" everything works as expected. If  "MX_TIM8_Init();" is called, the application seems to crash while sending the SDRAM initialization sequence. What can possibly go wrong? And where can I find more information about a possible crash? I am using Keil uVision as IDE.

Basically the application outputs some signals with several timers, reads resulting values using the ADC and displays the results on the display. I have ported the configuration for SDRAM and LCD to STM32CubeMX from the board support package, used in the examples.