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Contiki on STM32L053 Nucleo

Question asked by duvenage.ben on Apr 12, 2016
Hi All
New to STM32 but not new to MCU's (Have done projects on TI, Microchip, Atmel, etc)

I'm busy to evaluate Contiki on STM32L053 Nucleo to compare to the MSP430 implementation of the Contiki stack.  On MSP430 I have it running but Code Composer does not allow me to debug.  I have to use Printf statements. 

I'm hoping that STM32 and the SW4STM32 will make life easier.
I have installed Cygwin and SW4STM32 and have run the make file command in SW4STM32.  make TARGET=stm32nucleo-spirit1 BOARD=ids01a5
arm-none-eabi-objcopy-O binary er-example-server.stm32nucleo-spirit1 er-example-server.bin

But straight out of the box I get compilation errors.. No rule to make.

Is there a "how to" to get this going. 

The aim is to see if I can get Contiki to be able to debug inside a process thread. 
I can do this in Code Composer Studio with the MSP430 but only with printf statements as the CCS does not bring up the source code in the debug pane only the machine/assembler code.

Any help or guidance will be appreciated.

I'm running in a Windows7 Environment and also have access to Ubuntu if need be.
Please help...

Kind regards