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STemWin: using GUI_X_Warn() and GUI_X_ErrorOut()

Question asked by kasanen.pertti on Feb 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2017 by jose.luu
I'm using the STemWin522_CM4_OS_GCC library on a STM32F407 board (our own, testing on a 3240g EVAL).  
I have a problem using the precompiled library. It should be possible to define the functions GUI_X_Warn() and GUI_X_ErrorOut() to get error messages. I added code to these in GUI_X_FreeRTOS.c. These seem to be never called.  

I have have had emWin crashes in several places inside the library (usually within GUI_Init() ). And I tried setting the debug level to GUI_DEBUG_LEVEL_LOG_ALL. But never a call to these functions (or GUI_X_Log()) .

To me it seems that the STemWin522_CM4_OS_GCC.a has been compiled with 
Then the above functions will not work.

Is there any way to get the emWin error messages? The GUI_Error() function does not get called either. Figuring out what causes a crash inside the binary STemWin library is not working too well without any error messages ...