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Usage of STEVAL-MKI126V1 & STEVAL-MKI138V1

Question asked by rotili.rudy on Oct 17, 2014
Dear all,
I working on a audio project where  a microphone memes array is used to record environmental audio. I want to use STEVAL-MKI126V1 and STEVAL-MKI138V1. On the datasheet for STEVAL-MKI138V1 I saw that such a board is recognized by a PC as a common USB audio card. Due to current setup that I already have, my wishes is to you use TEVAL-MKI126V1 and STEVAL-MKI138V1 not with a PC but with development boards such as BeagleBone. It is possible to create this kind of setup? It is sufficient that USB input of BeagleBone acts as a Master?

Thanks in advance for the support, best regards,