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Nucleo-152RE + Arduino Click Shield to MikroBus + MicroSD Click

Question asked by Lee.Andrew.004 on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by Clive One
Hi All,

I'm using Nucleo 152RE board with the following additional boards
Click Shield ->
MicroSD Click ->

The SD Card pins connect to SPI pins of STM32L152 as:
MicroSD        STM32L152RE
CD#               PA0 (Pin 14) <-- I/O can be used for Card Detect
CS#                PB6 (Pin 58) <-- I/O used as Chip Select
SCK               PA5 (Pin 21) SPI1_SCK
MISO             PA6 (Pin 22) SPI1_MISO
SDI                PA7 (Pin 23) SPI1_MOSI

I'm also using CubeMX to generate the initial code (SPI with FatFS).
1) May I know how to configure FatFS functions to use the SPI pins initialized earlier with the generated HAL_SPI_Init() ?
2) Do I need to include the HAL_SD library?  If yes, how to include this in CubeMX?


** Sorry for simple questions. I'm new to this **