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STM32-MAT/TARGET: Issues with CAN_Send Block

Question asked by Thomas on Feb 27, 2016
I would like to use the STM32-Mat/Target to generate C Code with Matlab Simulink.
When using the CAN_Send Block from the Target Support Package Library I can send CAN-Messages, but they are all zeros (ID = 0, Data = 0, DLC = 0, ...) even though I specified values für the Input Ports.
The Reason for this is that the CAN_Send.tlc File writes the specified values into the pRxMsg Struct instead of the pTxMsg Struct (see attached File) :

When chaning pRxMsg to pTxMsg in the .TLC File or the C-Code everything works fine.
Has anyone encountered the same problem?
Is this a problem with the STM32-Mat Target or am I using the Send Block incorrectly?

Thanks for your Help