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[solved] SPI slave configuration for SPC56EL

Question asked by Patrik Schantl on Mar 26, 2015
Latest reply on May 7, 2015 by Patrik Schantl

I would like to implement a SPI communication between an SPC560D and an SPC56EL Discovery Board. The SPC56EL should act as slave, the SPC560D as master. For both boards, I am using the corresponding DSPI example applications in SPC5Studio.

Nevertheless, I am not able to get a communication between the two boards.
The master sends every 20ms seven 12bit SPI frames to the slave. It was no problem to adapt the DSPI example for SPC560D to get this functionality.
The problem is the slave (SPC56EL) configuration. I set the device in slave mode by adding the line
spip->dspi->MCR.B.MSTR = 0
in the spi_lld_start function (spi_lld.c) and adapted the frame size in CTAR0 register. Additionally, DMA is set to RX only. After that, the SOUT pin from slave is set to high when master sets the CS to low. Nevertheless, the SPC56EL neither receives any data (DSPI_RXFR registers are empty) or sends data back to the master device

What would be the correct configuration steps to use the SPC56EL in slave mode?

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