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In HTS221 sensor not getting correct Humidity data

Question asked by patel.jayesh.001 on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by Muhuho.Adalberto
I am using HTS221 , and I am taking value from HTS221 via I2C.
Here i was successful to get correct temperature data you can see in attach .txt file.
But for Humidity i am getting values but they are not as per environment.

Here i have made following settings in control register.

Read HTS221 AV_CONFIG: 0x10 value is 0x1B
Read HTS221 CTRL_REG1: 0x20 value is 0x80
Read HTS221 CTRL_REG2: 0x21 value is 0x01
Read HTS221 CTRL_REG3: 0x22 value is 0x00

In Humidity registers i get the following values listed below,

H_OUT(s16)  = -32768
H0_rH_x2(u8)  = 33
H1_rH_x2 (u8) = 72
H0_T0_OUT(s16)  = 10
H1_T0_OUT(s16)  = 12504

Now putting  above values in below linear interpolation formula,
hum_f (s16) = (H0_rH + (hum_out - hum0_t0_out) * (H1_rH - H0_rH) / (hum1_t0_out - hum0_t0_out));

I am getting 
hum_f = -70 which is not correct , now as i increase humidity the value changes but is goes above 100 and keeps on increasing  which is not practical. Has any body configured this sensor and took data then plz help me out in this...