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FlexCAN problems on SPC560 Discovery

Question asked by young.warren on Mar 22, 2015
I'm having problems getting the demo code to successfully RX on FlexCAN0 and then TX on FlexCAN1 (and vice versa).

canReceive() detects the new message and returns MSG_OK when using a breakpoint in canlld_receive() and stepping code. Then canTransmit() loads the TX mailbox on the other CAN with the received CAN ID and data. However, the code never seems to trigger a breakpoint when checking for MSG_OK in main(). (Demo code cut from one of the OS-less CAN demo's.

Data is being received as I am successfully seeing it when copied to the periodic TX I also have running.

SOmetimes the TX from the RX can be seem, but it only comes out with the periodic TX.

Any ideas:
- RX not returning MSG_OK (corrupted) when running in realtime?
- What might delay TX until another TX?

I believe double checked PADSEL, etc are OK.

Note: I also found that USB only connection only puts out 3.3V on 5V. You need to use the 12V input if you are attaching CAN transceivers.