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Error in obsend command in make file - Visual Develop

Question asked by johnson.chuck on Dec 23, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2011 by moulson.brian
Holiday greetings!

I am attempting to build an 'ST Assembler Linker' project using ST Visual Develop 4.2.0.  Build process seems to work until the obsend step.  See build output below:

----------- Project coloreffect - ST Assembler Linker - Configuration Debug -------------

Running ST linker

lyn Debug\mapping.obj+Debug\stm8s105c_s.obj+Debug\main.obj, Debug\coloreffect.cod, ;

STMicroelectronics - Linker - rel 3.19

200K namespace for approx 8150 publics

** No Errors found on Link.

obsend Debug\coloreffect.cod,f,Debug\coloreffect .s19.s19,s

At this point it stops.  Appears the obsend command has been generated incorrectly.  If I enter this command into a dos window, it appears to be waiting for operator input.  Portion of exported makefile file below:

coloreffect.s19 : $(OutputPath)\mapping.obj $(OutputPath)\stm8s105c_s.obj $(OutputPath)\main.obj
 $(ToolsetBin)\lyn  $(ObjectFiles), $(OutputPath)\$(TargetSName).cod, ;
 $(ToolsetBin)\obsend  $(OutputPath)\$(TargetSName).cod,f,$(OutputPath)\$(TargetSName) .s19.s19,s
 $(ToolsetBin)\abslist  $(OutputPath)\mapping.lsr -exe $(OutputPath)\coloreffect.s19
 $(ToolsetBin)\abslist  $(OutputPath)\stm8s105c_s.lsr -exe $(OutputPath)\coloreffect.s19

I can correctly build the project by running a bat file with the correct obsend command.  The error is also visible in the Project Settings/ST Link tab/Obsend step. 

Is there some way I can correct this?