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MKI119V1 building iNemo application

Question asked by axelsson.erik on Feb 1, 2013

I have a MKI-119V1 evaluation board and want to use the iNemo example application for IAR Embedded Workbench provided in
..\iNEMO Suite\Firmware\iNEMO_Project\iNEMO_Project\iNEMO_EWARM

But after compiling and downloading with DfuSe Demonstration nothing happens and the usb connection is lost. If I have understood it correctly I should at least see a Led blinking by uncommenting the following line in main.c:
//#define TEST_ENABLE

Can anyone give me an explanation how this works: 
Is the the Dfu always located at address 0x8000000 and the application at 0x8003000?
If I download a new application will it automatically be located at 0x8003000? Will the Dfu still be located at 0x8000000? Do I have to change anything in DfuSe?
Do I have to build both the Dfu and the application and combine these to get it working?

If anyone can give me a detailed explanation of how to get started with building and downloading i would be very thankful, but any help is appriciated.