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Question asked by Mike on Jan 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2015 by Erwan Y
Hello All,
I am new user for SPC series MCU and SPC5Studio as well. I am trying to start with few example codes to understand the HAL, PAL implementations. I am trying to go through different posts on this forum to understand the way people are accessing the features. But somehow I am find it very very difficult to locate the resources - be it a sample code or a file reference or even a document reference. E.g A post below mentions about document sections,
You can use External INTERRUPT In SIUL chapter 48
and the convenient EIRQ[X] chapter 48.4

you should use vector41 , vector42, vector 43 or vector 44

41 0x0290 16 SIU External IRQ_0 SIUL
42 0x02A0 16 SIU External IRQ_1 SIUL
43 0x02B0 16 SIU External IRQ_2 SIUL
44 0x02C0 16 SIU External IRQ_3 SIUL

2) for mapping you should use IO Settings and set your good port/function in the good mode
    chap 4 from the convenient table "function summary"

I tried referring to the reference manual for SPC560 series (RefManual_CD00259063.pdf) to locate these sections but could not find. Is there any other document/manual that mentions all this information? I tried searching SPC5Studio help as well.
I beg your pardon for asking such simple questions through different posts but if you can provide the details, it will help me move further. Thanks for all your help.