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Young Modulus of the packaging of LIS3DSH

Question asked by terna.stefano on Dec 4, 2014
Potting resins affect accelerometer behaviour if the Young modulus of the resin is lower than the modulus of the accelerometer packaging.
In fact the full system (accelerometer + potting resin) vibrates with the same vibration modes of the "softer" material between the two, resin or packaging.

This can be measured as an increase of the noise density after applying the potting resin. 
Specifically the noise density of the LIS3DSH increases of about a factor 2 after applying an epoxy resin with E = 80N/cm2

It turns out that E=80N/cm2 is not enough. Instead of going through a number of trials, it would be very usefull to know in advance the Young Modulus of the sensor packaging, to simply select a resin with greater/equal rigidity.

This information is not contained in the sensor sheet, where the only info pertaining to the packaging is that it is "ECOPACK"

So the question is: can anybody point me out to some resources where the rigidity / Young Modulus of the LIS3DSH header / ECOPACK  is declared?