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LSM303D is noisier than LSM303DLHC

Question asked by williams.mark.003 on Dec 5, 2014
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We are testing out the LSM303D in our new product and we are finding that it is a lo noisier than the LSM303DLHC.    Should this be the case? We assumed that the LSM303D would have less noise.

Our init sequence;
    writeMagReg( LSM303D_CTRL0, 0x00);
    writeMagReg( LSM303D_CTRL1, 0x5F); 
    writeMagReg( LSM303D_CTRL2, 0x18); 
    writeMagReg( LSM303D_CTRL3, 0x00); 
    writeMagReg( LSM303D_CTRL4, 0x00);  
    writeMagReg( LSM303D_CTRL5, 0xF0);  
    writeMagReg( LSM303D_CTRL6, 0x60);  
    writeMagReg( LSM303D_CTRL7, 0x00);