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LSM303DLHC accelerometer - is data register left justified?

Question asked by arbitrer on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2015 by bauch.aaron.001
I configured the LSM303DLHC accelerometer as follows.
CTRL_REG1_A with 0x77  //400hz data
CTRL_REG4_A with 0x00 //Little endian
And started reading the data from the OUT_X / Y/ Z_L / H_A registers.

But I could find something that the lower nibble was found to be zero all the time in the
, OUT_Y_L_A, OUT_Z_L_A registers.

So is the data in LSM303 12bit left justified or am I missing something?

Note: In datasheet i found it is 16bit but in some driver samples the values of the data registers are combined and right shifted by 4 bits (I assume this is to compensate the left justified data)