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400Hz Aquision with iNemoV2

Question asked by augustin.daniel on Dec 7, 2012
Dear Forum,

i try use the maximum aquision frequency of 400Hz (acc, mag and gyro). My application is written in C++ (Visual Studio 2012, Windows 7) and i use the SDK for accessing the device content.

Having a buffersize of >= 4 I only reach a datarate of about 270Hz. It looks like the serial interface is not able to handle that much data.

Is it possible to increase the serial speed anyhow?

Thank you very much!

(iNemo suite also does not handle the 400Hz)

EDIT: My "having buffersize >= 4" may be misunderstood. Using a samplebuffer, that is smaller than 4, i reach a smaller frequency (down to 66Hz at buffersize=1). Raising the buffersize raises the frequency up to max. 270Hz .