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LIS3DH not outputting any X data

Question asked by spitz.ethan on Nov 21, 2014
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For some reason, the X channel is not working.

Here are my configurations for each config register:

     send[0] = 0b01100000;//start config
     send[1] = 0x57;//reg 1
     send[2] = 0x00;//reg 2
     send[3] = 0x00;//reg 3
     send[4] = 0x88;//reg 4
     send[5] = 0x00;//reg 5
     send[6] = 0x00;//reg 6

Clearly everything import is really in register 1 for just simple getting data out, but my X output is always -32624 (that's the signed value)

If anyone knows what could be going wrong, that would be great.