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Cannot write M24LR64E-R after MCU read a sensor Value

Question asked by tchouga.yannick on Feb 24, 2015
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For a project I use the M24LR64E-R as memory and power supply. Everything works very well if I want to read or write the M24LR64E-R. But as soon as I read another sensor, this sensor value cannot write to the M24LR64E-R. For this application I use the MCU MSP430FR of TI.

Following ANs I've read:

AN1471 ( )


( )

Errata sheet for M24LRXXE-R

( )

But I don´t see any solution.


1-      1- Can we use the M24LR64E-R constantly on the RF Field (For power supply)? And at the same time using the I2C bus with other sensors? (This has been going when I use only the MSP430 and the M24LR64E-R).

2-      2- Does anyone have used the M24LR64E-R as active Tag without a battery? (Always in the RF field but without command).

Thanks for the help.