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LIS3DH wrong behavior after writing to CTRLREG6

Question asked by krawczyk.radoslaw on Nov 18, 2014
Some day ago I've started work with LIS3DH accelerometer. Everything works fine -
Reading accelerations, highpass filter, low power mode and INT1 interrupt line.
At start INT1 was configured as high when active (CtrlReg6 = 0x00 - default value) 

I want to inverse polarity of INT1 so I send 0x02 to CtrlReg6. Until that, every register which I set before has value = 0x00, also CtrlReg6. 

Registers are written in orderly:

I read errata, datasheet and application note and I didn't find any information which could help in that problem.

Has anyone seen similar behavior and have some tips how to fix that issue?
Thanks a lot.

until I send data do CTRLREG6.