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M24LR with Nexus 7 2013

Question asked by renner.adam on Dec 28, 2014
I cannot get the M24LR to be read by my Nexus 7 2013. I have not even attempted to get i2c working, I just wanted to power the chip and see if I could read it's ID.

1. I am using the NfcV-reader app from the google app store.
2. The Nexus 7 supposedly uses the PN544 which claims to be ISO 15869 compatible.
3. The M24LR is attached to 3.3V and ground.
4. The antenna I have is only 1 uH, I realize this is not ideal, but shouldn't this still work at close range?

When I try all of this together, I was expecting to at least be able to read the ID, but get nothing. Any idea where my problem lies?