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Please provide descriptions of the ACI calls:

Question asked by palmer.charles on Nov 25, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by Marchese.Graziella
Dear ST

The application command interface (ACI )document UM1755 is incomplete. Many of the calls don't list the parameters to pass, and the results returned. In some cases it is possible to find this information from the Bluetooth specification, but in other cases (especially for the Vendor Specific Events) there is no Bluetooth equivalent. This makes development work very hard.

The general request is: can you please complete the ACI documentation. (You must have internal documentation - can you share it please?)

In the immediate term I am trying to interrogate a service and characteristics on a remote computer (specifically, I am trying to obtain the time using the Time Service). I am trying to use relevant commands but I can't interpret the results they return. Can you please provide the missing information for these Vendor-Specific Events:

Bluehci_Att_Find_By_Type_Value_Resp (0x0c05)
Bluehci_Att_Read_By_Type_Resp (0x0c06)
Bluehci_Att_Read_Resp (0x0c07)
Bluehci_Att_Write_Resp (0x0c0b)
Bluehci_Gatt_Procedure_Complete (0x0c10)
Bluehci_Gatt_Error_Response (0x0c11)
Bluehci_Gatt_Disc_Read_Charac_By_UUID_Resp (0x0c12)

It would be helpful also if you could suggest the correct sequence to read the time using the Time Service and Current Time Characteristic.

Thanks - Charles